Seasonal Medicine Bags

Seasonal Medicine Bags for Your Wellness Needs
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Autumn Medicine Bag
Local handcrafted medicine to gear you up for the turning of the seasons

One big bag of handcrafted herbal medicine for the transition to colder months...

The autumn medicine bag will feature herbal tonics to help your system transition with the changing season, as well as medicines to add to your wellness protocol when colds and flu do overtake us.
I will also send you an electronic newsletter describing all your medicine and how to use them.

This year's autumn medicine bag will include...
  • fire cider
  • elderberry syrup
  • echinacea tincture
  • gypsy plus cold and flu elixir
  • herbal throat spray
  • cold season tea
  • garden sage hydrosol

I am offering this medicine in two sizes

Standard size includes a 4 ounce bottles of syrup and fire cider,
 1 ounce bottles of elixirs, tinctures and throat spray, 
 a two ounce bottle of hydrosol,
and a small bag of tea
(this is perfect for a single person or a couple)

Family size includes an 8 ounce bottles of syrup and fire cider,
 2 ounce bottles of elixirs, tinctures and throat spray, 
 4 ounces of hydrosol,
and a large bag of tea

Medicine bags will ship out Monday, October 23rd by priority mail
(those who prefer to pick up at my home in Cochranville can do so to avoid shipping fees)

In addition to your sweet medicine, I will also put together an 
informative newsletter about the products in each share and how to use them.

Whenever possible my medicines are made with herbs I grow and wildcraft myself and are always chemical free. Herbs that I cannot harvest myself are always organic and from a reputable source. 

Here's the cost breakdown...
Standard bag…$60 ($70 value) plus $8 shipping... $68 total
Family share…$120 ($140 value) plus $10 shipping... $130  total
To sign up, send me an e-mail at  

I look forward to making handcrafted herbal medicine for you this season!!!

P.S. I'm only selling 20 bags, so sign up quickly before they run out.

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