Advanced Apothecary course

I am offering a second year course for all students who have completed my 9-month course in Folk Herbalism. This second year course is called Advanced Apothecary, and gives hands-on experience with forms of herbal medicine making not covered in the Folk Herbalism course. This course is for students who are comfortable working with a basic materia medica, begun to build up their own apothecary, and are ready to learn some more advanced medicine making techniques. 

In every class we will be learning medicine making techniques we did not cover in the Folk Herbalism series, such as percolation, soxhlet extraction, herbal wines, suppositories, powdered concentrates, and fluid extracts. The whole class will be geared to take your apothecary skills to the next level.

There will also be discussions and class notes on some concepts like tissue states, energetics, formulation and maybe even tongue diagnosis... all topics to help you make more effective medicine for individual cases.

The total cost for this course is $460. A deposit of $100 will hold your spot, and monthly payments of $60 can be made at each class. 

As with the Folk Herbalism class, folks will go home with something we make together in class every month. And at the end of the course we will also have an Advanced Apothecary medicine show!

This is a 6-month course, and we will meet one Sunday a month here at my home and garden in Cochranville, Pa. Here are the dates for the 2018 classes...

April 29th
May 27th
June 24th
July 29th
August 19th
September 23rd

Past students can register for this year's Advanced Apothecary course by sending me an email at and sending in a deposit to hold your space.

I am also open to folks who did not take the Folk Herblaism course joining us for the Advanced Apothecary course, if they have been through a similar beginning herbalism course, have a working materia medica, and a good knowledge of basic medicine making techniques, such as infusions, decoctions, infused oils, salves, tincture by maceration, syrups and flower essences. If you are not a former student of mine, but feel you are ready for this course, please send me an email describing your past experience and why you wish to take this course.

Let's come together and make good medicine! 

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