Stand Alone Classes

Stand Alone Classes and Herb Walks for 2017

Medicinal Plant Walk at Buctoe Creek Preserve
Sunday, June 18th from 9am to noon

I will be leading the medicinal plant walk again this year for The Land Conservancy's Wild Foraging series. This is always a fun walk along the trails of the Bucktoe Creek Preserve. If have been wanting to get a close look at some common medicinal plants in the area, please join us. We'll be talking about identifying characteristics, using our senses to get to know the plants, ethical wildcrafting, and exploring ways to bring these healing plants into our lives.

Introduction to Bioregional Herbalism
Wednesday, August 23rd, 5pm to 7pm

The healing plants are growing all around us, and many believe that the plants growing in our own bioregion provide the best medicine for what ails us. I believe local medicine heals more than our physical bodies. It is balm to the spirit disconnected from the land.

In this class we will explore the concept of Bioregional Herbalism, learn how we can bring the gifts of the healing plants into our lives, and begin to expand our perception to include the subtle energy of plants.

Bring your notebook and camera, as we will be meeting many of the living plants in my medicine garden.

The cost for this class is $15 and space is limited to 15 people. To reserve your spot, email April at

See you in the garden!


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