Stand Alone Classes

Medicinal Plant Walk at Bucktoe Creek Preserve
Saturday, June 18th from 9am to noon

I will be leading the medicinal plant walk again this year for the Land Conservancy's Wild Foraging Series. This is always a fun walk along the trails of Bucktoe Creek Preserve. If you have been wanting to get a close look at some common medicinal plants in the area, please join us. We'll be talking about identifying characteristics, using our senses to get to know the plants, and exploring ways to bring these healing plants into our lives. 

Making and Using Flower Essences
Wednesday, July 27th, 3pm to 5pm

Flower essences are subtle yet powerful remedies that help us to overcome negative mental and emotional patterns. They hold the healing vibration of the plants in a matrix of water, allowing us to access this healing vibration anytime. Making and using flower essences empowers us work with the plants consciously on our evolutional journey. 

Join me for this 3 hour class, where we will make a flower essence together and talk about how to use these remedies for ourselves and our families, and delve into techniques for tuning into the plants to receive information about thier medicine. Everyone will go home with a bottle our the essence we make. 

cost… $25
To reserve your space, send an email to
Space is limited to 12 people

I will be teaching the following classes at the 

Innersource Wellness Center in Pike Creek, Delaware this year. 

You can register for the classes at Innersource here

March 16, 7pm to 9pm
Flower Essence Medicine

Flower essences are a subtle and powerful way to tap into the healing nature of plants for emotional and mental well being. In this class we will discuss flower essences, how they are made, how to work with them for conscious growth and healing, and look into the science of why these mysterious medicines work the way they do. Everyone will go home with a bottle of flower essence. 

June 8, 7pm to 9pm
Common Weeds/Healing Medicine

Many of the common weeds growing in our gardens and yards are actually nourishing and healing herbs. Though they have been despised for years, these plants have much to offer, both in terms of healing for ourselves and the earth. Come find out just how beneficial some of these "noxious" weeds can be. In this class we will get to know some common garden weeds and how we can use them in simple ways for health and healing.

September 21, 7pm to 9pm
Herbs for Cold and Flu Season

As the winter months approach there are many herbs that offer immune support and protection from colds and flu. In this class we will get to know some of the best herbs to bring into our lives during the cold months of the year, and which to turn to when we need help recovering quickly. Participants will taste some medicines in class and will go home with recipes to make their own.

December 14, 7pm to 9pm
Digestive Bitters

The bitter taste is often the least popular in modern society, and as a result our diets are often lacking in this area. However, bitters serve an important function first in digestive health, and also in many other areas of our well being. In this class we will discuss the bitter herbs and how they can benefit our health when incorporated into our diets. We will taste some digestive bitters, and participants will go home with recipes for making their own digestive bitters.

This page will continue to be updated as new classes are added throughout the season.

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